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New Total Domination: Reborn Character Wears a Bob Basset Mask

Bob Basset has designed a mask for a character in Total Domination: Reborn, a browser MMO strategy game. Plarium, the company behind the game, says the mask will be worn by a Stalker, “a fighter in the nuclear Wastelands.” Total Domination: Reborn is one of the most popular games developed by Plarium, a producer of browser and social-network games. The Plarium gaming community comprises over 250 million people in 150 countries. “We’ve launched a long-term creative project with the iconic Bob Basset, which designs masks for Korn and Slipknot. The Bob Basset team will present their own take on Plarium’s game worlds,” says Mykola Korzh, the company’s PR officer, of the collaboration.

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Bob Basset Creates Calvary, a New Series of Easter Egg Masks

Bob Basset design studio has created Calvary, a second Easter series of egg masks. Miniature versions of the studio’s past artworks represent Jesus (with crown of thorns, center), the two thieves Dismas and Gestas, and the apocryphal centurion Longinus who pierced Jesus with his lance (bottommost mask). “We wanted to imagine this story set in a world of Easter eggs,” explains the studio’s cofounder Serhii Petrov. The series serves as a sequel to Survivors, a series of 13 masks representing the Last Supper as enjoyed by Easter eggs that survived the Easter celebration.

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Bob Basset Cofounder Serhii Petrov Talks Techno-Romanticism at TEDxKharkiv 2016

Serhii Petrov, designer and cofounder of Bob Basset studio, gave a speech at TEDxKharkiv 2016. It focused on the side effects that invariably accompany any great idea. Serhii Petrov told the studio’s history, from its inception in 1989 to working with world-famous brands and musicians to exhibitions and collections. He also talked about the peculiar genre favored by the studio and their mission to promote it.

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