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First Personal Exhibition by Bob Basset Art Studio Opens in Kyiv

On March 16 Kyiv’s Bereznitsky Aesthetics gallery saw the opening of “Entity,” the first personal exhibition by Bob Basset in all 30 years of the studio’s operation.
Most art objects exhibited at the gallery have never been previously displayed all at once, and as such present a continuous history of Bob Basset Art Studio. The Techno-Romanticist things created during the 30-year history of the studio have been loaned by private collectors. Most of them arrived from abroad. Over the recent years, the art studio’s objects have been exhibited in Paris, Milano, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, London, and New York.
Now they have been brought to Ukraine through the efforts of the Bereznitsky Aesthetics gallery and its curator Vlad Zvarych. The exhibition comprises objects created in 2004–2017, including the celebrated Dragon Backpack, Makar the Pathfinder doll, the push-toy, the steampunk Dog, and others.
“They don’t imitate anything or anyone, they basically create their own alternative worlds similar to ours and then show the various ways they could develop,” says Bereznitsky Aesthetics director Yevhen Bereznitsky. “Their worlds are phantasmagorical and disturbing, but they are still similar to our one, even in their jarring but oh-so-familiar fusion of military technological aspects and an amazing lyricism. It’s an authentic—and, importantly, a perfectly executed—attempt to contemplate the relationship between humans and the world, simultaneously reasonable and utopian.”

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Bob Basset Mask Featured in Otep’s “Generation Doom” Video

The nu-metal band Otep’s new video “Generation Doom” from the eponymous album features a mask by Bob Basset. At the band’s request, the studio designed a mask incorporating features of an antique helmet. The mask was used by Otep for the video shoot and on tour. Otep formed in Los Angeles in 2000 around the poet and activist Otep Shamaya, and almost immediately thereafter were invited to play Ozzy Osbourne’s Ozzfest. The band went on to sign with Capital Records, regularly returning to play Ozzfest, touring, and releasing six studio albums, four of which were featured in Billboard’s Top 10 Independent Albums.

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New Total Domination: Reborn Character Wears a Bob Basset Mask

Bob Basset has designed a mask for a character in Total Domination: Reborn, a browser MMO strategy game. Plarium, the company behind the game, says the mask will be worn by a Stalker, “a fighter in the nuclear Wastelands.” Total Domination: Reborn is one of the most popular games developed by Plarium, a producer of browser and social-network games. The Plarium gaming community comprises over 250 million people in 150 countries. “We’ve launched a long-term creative project with the iconic Bob Basset, which designs masks for Korn and Slipknot. The Bob Basset team will present their own take on Plarium’s game worlds,” says Mykola Korzh, the company’s PR officer, of the collaboration.

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