TURNSKIN collection

Bob Basset presented a new conceptual collection of masks called TURNSKIN.
It’s a half year-long project inspired by the endless transformation possibilities of our world.

Mask image has a traceable path through Human History. Since ancient times, people personified their deities and spirits thus made sense of the universe with their help. In pagan ceremonies accompanied by rhythmic dancing, a mask was a major magic instrument used to transform a person into the sacred world creature.
Then, masquerade balls appeared with its ambiance of permissiveness and impunity. They became a kind of substitute for ancient rites. The electronic music movement continues this sequence where listeners performing a certain ritual of freedom and celebration of life.
Turnskin – a series of Bob Basset’s masks that addresses the human need to become a part of the mysterious in order to create something new and get the path to growing up as a species. The series includes five masks – fox, wolf, horse, warrior and king. Masks have a common narrative and base that might take a new shape by folding one or other of the “hat’s” seven triangular “petals”. There is a parallel between the mask’s base and plasticity of music when a different order of the same sounds creates a variety of compositions.

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