Bob Basset x GARA collection – Bob Basset

Bob Basset x GARA collection


`There are no sales and two-for-one. There are no orange flavored or buy a carpet with this. Nothing useful and practical. Nothing effective and multifunctional. And no, we can’t help you. We can only sympathize with those who don’t understand why this is necessary.`

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  • gara_art_leather_muzzle_5_2
  • gara_black_dragon_art_leather_mask_2
  • gara_plague_doctor_art_leather_muzzle_2
  • gara_plague_doctor_art_leather_muzzle_7
  • gara_art_leather_banana-bag_2
  • gara_art_leather_cap_2
  • gara_art_leather_muzzle_4_2
  • gara_lecter_leather_handbag_2
  • gara_art_leather_muzzle_1_2
  • gara_art_leather_muzzle_2_2
  • gara_art_leather_muzzle_3_2
  • gara_plague_doctor_art_leather_muzzle_2_
  • gara_plague_doctor_art_leather_muzzle_2_8
  • gara_plague_doctor_art_leather_muzzle_2_14

Karina Akopyan together with photographer Phillip Prokopiou took on the famous icon for Saint George’s day in London. You can notice our masks form GARA’s collection in their work. We’re very pleased with our collaboration and always open to a new one.