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13 Responses to “Dragon in baasket. New leather handbag.”

    • Mindi Neal

      I absolutely am in love with your “dragon in a basket handbag and your black dragon backpack. They are so beautiful !!! What must I do to get one, preferably both. Also will you be making more dragon items along these lines ? Condolences on your loss.

  1. Nikki

    Can you make one with the dragon a different colour than the bag? Or does it have to be all one piece of leather?

  2. Katie


    All your works are amazing:D

    What technik do you use to get so realistic effects? Just generally, I’m just curious:>


  3. DragonLady

    Am going on a Net hunt to find this! I *love* dragon and this is a gorgeous must!

  4. Starr

    Oh my goodness!!!!! That is the cutest and most beautiful purse/hand bag I have EVER seen!!! How much?? I will do whatever it takes lol.

  5. Emily

    ok i realy want this how much?
    i colect things like this would you consider making a piece for me?

  6. vicki

    how do I order this little dragon purse? what is the cost. It is adorable and I am very interested..thank you

  7. Sibylle

    OMG, I love this handbag and the dragon backpack, they’re absolutely stunning!!!! Do you still make these handbags and backpacks? Do you sell to Germany? Thx, Sibylle


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