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6 Responses to “New Horse MAsk. Новая маска лошадь.”

  1. Егор

    Оставьте, пожалуйста, какие-нибудь контактные данные: ICQ, mail, телефон. Интересует изготовление костюмов на заказ.

    • bobbasset

      I can accept from you the order for manufacturing of such mask. Work will takes 7 – 10 days. Shipping from Ukraine as usual takes 14 – 21 days. Such mask will cost 650 USD. This sum include worldwide shipping cost. As payment I prefer PayPal. Please contact with me in any time my email is

  2. savagevalyn

    I am interested in purchasing your products in the future. I’ve been browsing your work on Live-journal, and am amazed by your skill and artistry. Would you be willing to reproduce a past masks not currently listed here but on your live-journal page?

  3. savagevalyn

    I am interested in buying this mask;

    It will take me two to three weeks of work to earn a minimum of 200 to approximately 500 Canadian dollars. Additional time to transfer that to paypal and for my check to pass. I’m guessing a month will pass from now until I can purchase such a mask, plus your time to produce, which I am more then willing to wait until next damn October of 2010…. How much do you request as a selling price? I would be very glad to own this. One question…Could you alter the ‘wolf’ to resemble a coyote? It would be an honor, as it would portray the mythological Trickster deity known to the people of my aboriginal heritage as ‘Old Coyote’. :3


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