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33 Responses to “Leather Paw Shoes. Кожаные Тапки Лапы.”

  1. Jen

    Awesome. I know you’re being attacked on the Fursuti community on LiveJournal, but, how much are you selling or commissioning the pair for? I’m so curious, sorry I just had to ask.

  2. anna

    Привет А как можно купить эти лапти туфли? Какая у них цена и как с доставкой -если такое имеется

    • bobbasset

      Такого ещё не имеется. Очень хочется пустить их в серию, но есть куча технологических вопросов которые надо решить. Как только решим сразу сообщим об этом на сайте и в ЖЖ.

      Бассет Младший.

  3. Anari

    Эти штуки высосали мне мозг и вылизали черепную коробку!!! Хочу себе эти мозгоеды!!!!

  4. stan foster

    these are absolutely beautiful.
    are they for sale?
    if so how many are available.
    if they arent for sale can you explain how you made them maybe?


  5. Sam

    Классная вещь! =) Утрясайте ребят проблемы с производством, очень себе такие хочу! =)
    Как у них кста с удобством? =)

  6. andrew Brusso

    please let me know if you ever offer these shoes for purcase,

  7. heroofnone

    like everyone else I’d love a pair. I’ll need to be watching Ebay for them to become available along with the paw gloves

  8. leatherboy79

    Wow I’ve been looking for something like this for years. Can you let me know how I can get a pair?

  9. noir

    i there, i am really interested in buying a pair of these as well.
    i hope you do sell your designs.
    if you do, kindly email me so that i can place an order.

    warmest regards, and keep up the excellent job!

  10. debbie Kates

    These are very close to my dream shoes! I am active and athletic and often hike with my dogs. Dogs and other 4 legged animals are more agile on rough terrain than people, yet footwear never tries to mimic animals. So here is what I want; boots with a split toe construction allowing the toes to stretch, with claws coming from the sole not from the top of the boot. So as you pressed your toes into the ground you would get grip. The sole would be flexible and light weight. The leather would be dark bronze and the boot would close with a covered zipper and be skin tight around the ankle and calf. The effect would be of a cloven hove with 2 claws, one under the big toe and one for the rest of the toes. The best part would be not looking human from the calf down and being able to feel the ground like a 4 legged animal.
    I wish you would make these for me! Do you like this idea? If so, please use it!

  11. Kortny

    I know I’m just saying what everyone else is saying, but these shoes are absolutely amazing. Are you actually selling these shoes, or are they just for show? I would kill to have these shoes. Wicked.

  12. Liz

    This are great, and I would LOVE a pare for a bear researcher friend of mine. Wondering if you could make them with 5 claws/pads instead of 4 though; as bears have 5 claws & pads.

  13. Fox

    АААААГГГГРРРРРРХХХХХХ!!!!! Я ХОЧУ ИХ БЕЗУМНО!!! Где, как их заказать????

  14. MiSSMaSh

    Would love these as a pair of high heel booties or boots. Perhaps high heel house hooves…
    Wonderful design. Thank you. X

  15. MiSSMaSh

    Would love these as a pair of high heel booties or boots. Perhaps high heel horse hooves…
    Wonderful design. Thank you. X



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