Bob Basset x GARA collection


`There are no sales and two-for-one. There are no orange flavored or buy a carpet with this. Nothing useful and practical. Nothing effective and multifunctional. And no, we can’t help you. We can only sympathize with those who don’t understand why this is necessary.`

Bob Basset Batman Mask

Photographs by @CasperSejersenstudio
Styling by @BeatBolliger


Full Credits:



#TheodorPal @successmodels
#Maximilian @rockmenmodel
Editor in chief @efarneti
Creative director @thomasperssonstudio
Fashion @franragazzi @chiaraspen
Casting directors @pg_dmcasting@samuel_ellis @ DM Fashion Studio

Hair @ramoneyluv @totalworld
Makeup @lucyjbridge@streetersagency
Set design @athiandvuk
Support street casting @peoplefile@artistrylondon
Digital operator @pablodiscobar@_dfactory
Production @western_promises
Post-production She Post Production